What do the pains in the region of the heart say?

What do the pains in the region of the heart say?

pains in the region of the heart

Not all pains in the left side of the chest are caused by heart pathologies. The causes of such symptoms can be diseases of the respiratory system, digestion, muscles, nervous and endocrine systems. How to understand the nature of pain in the region of the heart and start the correct treatment?

What is the cause of the pain?

It is important to determine what kind of problem in your body is causing the discomfort.

If the pain appears during physical exertion, changes with movement, change of position, deep breath, then most likely it is thoracic sciatica, or otherwise intercostal neuralgia;
Short-term or intermittent aching pain in the region of the heart is a common complaint with neuroses;
Pressing or stabbing pains, accompanied by shortness of breath, are associated with disturbances in the functioning of the intestines;
And if the painful sensations directly depend on the periods of fasting and taking any food, then the reason lies in the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
How to find the source of pain?
When pain occurs in the region of the heart, it is important to correctly determine its true cause, excluding, if possible, cardiac diseases. This requires a thorough examination by a cardiologist, surgeon and neurologist.

Mandatory diagnostic methods are:

Holter examination,
computed tomography and MRI of the spine.
According to the results of examinations, specialists will be able to say how painful sensations in the heart region are associated with the most important organ of the human body. If the cardiologist and neurologist do not find any serious disturbances in the work of the heart muscle and the condition of the spine, then you will have to look for the cause of the pain in an endocrinologist or gastroenterologist. Often, pressing chest pains are caused by stomach cramps.

What to do at the moment of an attack?

Acute pressing pain on the left side of the body may come on suddenly. The main thing is not to panic. What to do during an attack:

take the most comfortable position, sitting or reclining,
provide air flow and loosen clothing,
take a nitroglycerin tablet,
call an ambulance.
Only professional doctors are able to help you get rid of pain with minimal loss to the overall physical condition of the body.

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